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Emotionally intelligent photography.

Hello there.
I'm Nikki.

I’m drawn to emotion the way some people are drawn to adrenaline. Rather than seeking thrills I’m after the beauty of human complexity. When I pick up my camera — whether for a fashion editorial with a full creative team, wedding day, an intimate sunset elopement, or portraits in my studio — I want to connect with what makes you who you are--to preserve the moments you just can’t look away from.

The invisible string unwinding between me and photography started in an unlikely place: my Masters degree in Social Work. I spent years unpacking trauma and being present for people in the worst moments of their lives. That work demands that we behold each other in our full being: empathy itself is the art. Now, through a hybrid approach — using both film and digital cameras — I get to affirm human experiences in a new way, frame by frame, collecting stories.

That desire to see others fuels my work, and I shoot with intention in mind, never perfection. Intentionality is a way of seeing and approaching, and unlike perfection, its main purpose is not to erase the authenticity of a moment until it’s scrubbed clean. It’s acknowledging the less obvious moments that put you right in your feels. It’s being present enough to see the humanity of things as they unfold, not how you think they should be: the laughter that breaks like a wave into tears, or the way a single touch can send chills racing up your spine. It leaves room for you and those you love to be fully witnessed.

I’m lucky enough to spend my days in my Baltimore studio or traveling the world, chasing that rush while photographing the coolest people I’ve ever met. The rest of the time you’ll likely catch me relaxing on my roof with friends, or filling up my phone with snaps of my dog Alice.

my favorite part of my job? seeing how relaxed you are knowing i've got your back.



no idea what my ENNEAGRAM is
has a master's in social work
speaks greek after 5 drinks
enjoys caffeine anxiety
has the perfect playlist
doesn't want to hold your baby
will hold your puppy

It never got weird enough for me.

- Hunter S. Thompson